FRESH: A Student Symposium


Do you have any great work that you’ve completed as a CMST or MMEDIA class assignment, or have any other personal work that you would like to showcase to your peers and professors? Well we’ve got the perfect place for it, FRESH!

FRESH is a symposium where CSMM students can display their essays, projects and other assignments from the 2015-2016 academic year with their peers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase all of your hard work and appreciate the amazing talent in this program!

The submission deadline has been EXTENDED. Submissions are now due by Tuesday, March 29th at 11:59 PM. You may submit any project or assignment that is a product of Communications Studies or Multimedia.

FRESH 2016 Submission Form


StratComm: A Strategic Communications Competition

StratComm is McMaster University’s strategic communications (StratComm) competition for students enrolled in the Communication Studies and Multimedia programs. It allows its participants to showcase their strategic planning skills in real life scenarios and for real clients. Students will utilize their knowledge of marketing, public relations, and all forms of creative design and writing to come up with a strategy that will benefit their clients in getting their messages out to the public.

StratComm Press Release

StratComm Press Release